What is Residual Income?

How can Residual Income give you more money each week?

Creating Wealth is not a Mystery – It is a Formula

This formula puts money in your bank while you are sleeping.
How would this make you feel?
It is the formula used by the wealthy people of the world.

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Imagine $$$ while you are sleeping

Would you like to know the formula?

A few questions to ask yourself first.
1.Are you working for money or is your money working for you?
2. What happens if you don’t go to work? Do you get paid?  Forever?
3. Are you a casual – paid by the hour? What happens if you don’t go to work or are sick?  Will you survive?
4. Are you a victim of linear income – money paid in exchange for your time.

Leverage Your Income

Most people exchange time for money. This is a fair and a good way to make a living. However, this does not give you the ability leverage your time or your income. There is no financial leverage – unless you are the boss and you have enough employees that you don’t have to go to work. This is rare
Basically, if you are not at work, you do not get paid. Your income will never rise past a certain point. It is dictated by the number of hours available in your working life.
The wealthy do not earn this type of income.

The wealthy people of the world are wealthy because they know of and utilize the formula for creating wealth.

They take advantages of the power of leverage and earn Residual Income.

What is Residual Income?

  • It is money, which keeps coming in long after you have completed the work.
  • It is the kind of income that business people and investors draw from their stock dividends.
  • It is the kind of income that authors and songwriters receive as royalties.

The Difference
Linear income can be likened to a wheelbarrow business. Once you stop pushing, the wheelbarrow stops. Once you stop working, no money comes in. It’s hard work!
Once you have established a Residual Income stream, it keeps flowing. It’s like throwing a pebble in the water – the ripples go on and on even when you can’t see them.

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It goes on forever

True wealth is leveraged income. We can all have it.

Network Marketing and Leveraged Income

It is out there and plenty of businesses are offering it in a simple form and the best ones are network-marketing companies. Their system is based on this formula.
Millions and millions of people – in fact about 22 million worldwide are already earning a full or part time residual income from network marketing.

Why not you?

MLM companies offer a turnkey system which is simple. Everyone can do it.

Why a Turnkey System?

Because a turnkey system allows anyone to succeed, no matter what their standard of education.

J.Paul Getty the billionaire oil tycoon said ‘I would rather have one percent of the efforts of a hundred people than a hundred percent of my own efforts’.

Why? Because the formula for creating wealth is knowing about and using the power of Leverage.
If you want Residual Income – you must learn the formula which includes Leverage.

Thanks for reading!

Your partner in success,

Raffy Calicdan