Robert Kiyosaki – Stop Working Hard For Your Money, Make It Work Hard For You

Financial Master Mind  Robert Kiyosaki who wrote The Worlds #1 Longest Running Best Seller “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” shares his advice on how to make money work for you. Robert Kiyosaki believes that we do not have to work hard for our money and that our money should work hard for us. The harder you work, the more taxes you pay”, Robert says.

Most Successful and wealthy people already know this belief and live by it, if you are a beginner just starting out then this video is an essential for your learning on the road to success.

 (Video) Robert Kiyosaki : Let Your Money Work Hard For You

Some Extra Advice By Robert Kiyosaki For You

You have money work for you
Do not work for money, have money work for you, the way of doing that is creating or acquiring assets that will generate cash flow. Examples of assets that generate cash flow is the business that you create or purchase real estate that you rent, paper assets such as stocks or bonds, etc.

Invest in financial literacy
Before investing in assets that generate cash flow, invest in improving your financial education. Always keep studying, training, reading books, taking courses, attending seminars, researching on the Internet, etc.

Always seeking to increase your financial vocabulary and improve your financial intelligence it enables you to identify, analyze and leverage the opportunities.

Beware of words

Words have power, you must be careful with statements you make because they could become your reality. For example, if you say “I can not afford it”, you give the order to your mind to stop working and, yes, you can never afford, but if instead you say “how I can get it”, then your mind will get to work, and strive to find the solution, for example, a way to earn more money.

Pay yourself first
Every time you earn income, before you pay your debt, reserve a percentage of that income, then invest in assets that generate cash flows. Have the discipline to pay yourself first, even if your income is low and your debts are high.

This will allow you to invest the saved money in assets that will generate cash flow and the pressure to repay your debts will motivate you to go out and invent ways to earn more money while improving your financial skills.

Motivate yourself to make money
To make money you must have passion, you like what you do, you should have fun, you love what you do and feel full.

And one way of achieving this is motivating you to yourself thinking of reasons why you want to have a lot of money and get ahead, your reasons may be, for example, can retire young and do not have to work a lifetime, not a employee to travel around the world, control your time and your life.