Employee VS Entrepreneur: 20 Differences

The purpose of this comparison is to help anyone decide what choice he needs to fully succeed in his life as a complete human being.

The entrepreneur described in this article is not just a self-employed person or one who merely owns a business, but a real entrepreneur who has transformed his business into a true entrepreneurship. Thus, we may also be comparing something “what we are now” vs. “what we can be”. There are many factors to be considered in choosing the best occupation for us. It doesn’t only include personal considerations, but also national consideration, such as the economic condition of our country. Like here in the Philippines, we need more entrepreneurs who will strongly promote capital, create more wealth, and provide more employment in our country. But again the choice is yours, and we are just here to provide you more information to help your make your best choice. The following are the things you might need to consider in picking the better occupation especially for you.

Source: http://businesstips.ph

So… have you made your choice? There’s no problem with being an employee or an entrepreneur, for you can be the best of either the two. The only thing is that we need to balance things up to make sure that our community will not be having a scarcity in the supply of entrepreneurs or employers, while having excessive supply of employee applicants – that’s too bad for an economy.

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