Do You Know WHY? Your Why?

It’s a very important question… Why?

When we are children, we go though a phase where our favorite word is, “Why?”

We want to know the reason behind everything.  We want to know what makes the world tick.

And then it stops…

And we forget to ask why.  We begin to just accept things.  Life turns into an experience of auto-pilot.  “Why” doesn’t seem important anymore because we are so busy… doing whatever it is that we do.

So, let me ask you this… Do you know your WHY? It’s my favoriteand most important question and something that we need to ask ourselves about every activity we participate in.

Why?  You ask.

Because if you don’t know why, you don’t know how and you will waste a lot of time going nowhere in particular, but with a LOT of frustration.

So let me ask you this and please answer honestly…

Do you know why you are doing everything that you are doing in your life?  Why you are living where you are living, why you are doing the work that you are doing, why you are the person that you are and the reason that you want the things that you want out of life?

If not, you are reading this post for a very good reason.  It’s time to figure it out.  Write it down.  And commit to it.

Knowing your why is essential to having the confidence and clarity to achieve your dreams.  It gives you your mojo.  It gives you purpose.  It gives your life meaning.

Ok, now… Do you know your why?

Your partner in success,

Raffy Calicdan